Why it was a Success

Tierra Antigua has always provided amazing service, quality and expertise. They’ve been a leader in their industry, and the community. Everything about their business is spot on… but their website wasn’t always.

When Tierra Antigua came to Anchor Wave, they knew that their website wasn’t representing their business the way they wanted. It was clunky, outdated, off-brand and hard to use. We worked with their team to understand their users, so that they would have an easy to use and beautiful site. The result was a branded website that clients and agents loved to use. A site as great as Tierra Antigua.

Time spent on site in both desktop & mobile
Engaging Content & Tools

Part of the strategy that has helped create a successful online presence for Tierra was the creation of engaging areas of content that provide real value for their customers. A property search tool  custom to their MLS configurations serves up current listings and Open Houses. Obtaining market valuations on a home or searching for new agent representation by specific language skills – all are now possible on the new site.


Interactive, Connected and Mobile Friendly!
Lead Focused

For a home buyer on the street looking for a perfect place to call home, to the ever-moving real estate agent – speed and device responsive functionality are essential for Tierra’s site visitors. With the new site, agents are able to link clients to their own page where an ever present quick contact tool makes it easy for property browsers to set up a tour or to ask a question. Every property can be saved to a personal account or shared via social media. Leads on the Go!


High Levels of Client Administered Areas
Editable Content

When the market changes on a dime, you need a website that can keep pace. We created custom website management areas that were just as unique as the experience of the website itself. The staff is able to process Agent Profile updates, take orders for materials, and export RSVP lists. Not only do we create our websites with tools tailored for our clients – we train your team too, no coding skills required!

This was Tierra Antigua’s Custom Solution Equation…
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